Shame on Shaming Parents

I keep seeing this floating around the interwebs and had to throw in my 2 cents, because I don’t 100% agree with it. I know. Shocking. Just hang me now.


This kind of maxim used to scare me out of having kids in my pre-parent days. It’s the oath of a parent who is only that and nothing else. The truth I’ve found in my experience is that life with a child contains much more freedom than this describes. Having a baby expanded rather than restricted me. It gave me opportunities rather than took them away. My son won’t always get what he wants, I won’t always get what I want, but we both get what we need. There are sacrifices, but life doesn’t end. I get where this meme is coming from, but to me it reinforces negative stereotypes about parenting and seeks to blame/guilt parents instead of support them.

Plus, just look at this kid. He is well dressed. Check out those sneaks! He is healthy. He is sporting a recent haircut. He’s probably just in time out for hitting his brother or something. The child pictured here is obviously well cared for, someone has obviously made sacrifices for him. And yet, the parent is still shamed. Not cool.

Live your life. Be you, regardless if you have kids or not.


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