You Don’t Park Like an A-Hole

Keep calm, walk on.

Keep calm, walk on.

Dear Sir or Lady who parked the white car:

Other people will tell you that you park like an a-hole.  It’s actually a thing on the interwebs.  There are even business cards saying “You park like an a-hole” some people carry around to put on windshields like yours. But me? I don’t think that is fair. I think the world needs more kindness and understanding, not less. Maybe the guy next to you before me was the one who parked like an a-hole, so you had to shift over a bit to fit in the spot. Understandable. Maybe you really really really had to pee and just parked fast as you could to run inside.  Been there. Maybe you didn’t realize you parked over the line. It happens. Or heck, maybe you did.

But really, who cares? Your parking skills or lack thereof do not negatively affect my day. I am not personally offended. I will not take to social media to console myself with a status update saying, “Oh my gosh, look at this dummy!” and wait for the comments to roll in comforting me in my misfortune and bashing you for your action. In fact, I wish you no harm and I hope you are having a great day. I do not judge your entire being, personality, or level of intelligence based on this one small piece of evidence about one small part of your day in which we briefly cross paths. Some do, but not me. I get no pleasure out of berating you or cursing your existence. There are bigger problems on which to focus my energy, and my joy comes from a source larger than how other’s random behavior affects me.

So no, you don’t park like an a-hole. You park like a human being who isn’t perfect. Guess what, I’m not perfect either so we have that in common. Whew, so glad to get that off my chest.


The Rebellious Mom in the red car


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