When the smaller things turn into the bigger things


While pregnant with baby #1 I got really into lipstick. I didn’t shop for clothes much since my body was rapidly changing. I didn’t even shop for new shoes in fear of my feet changing size. But one thing I could buy new and not outgrow was lipstick. I searched for the perfect pink, the perfect red, a bright orange, and the deepest, darkest, gothest berry. I had fun wearing new colors and combining different shades to create my own. Having control over this small thing really lifted my spirits, especially toward the end.

This time around being pregnant with baby #2 I’ve rediscovered makeup in general, especially eye makeup. In fact, there is more makeup in my makeup bag than I’ve ever had my whole life, or at least since high school. Part of me forgot how to use makeup so I had a consultation at Benefit this past winter and even subscribed to a few beauty blogs to learn new ideas.

In the mornings I put on a 30 min kid show that my boy loves and run upstairs to get dressed and play with makeup colors. It’s the one thing I can change and control about my appearance at this stage of my pregnancy. Plus, I think it is super fun. I refuse to go out and about in pj pants and a “I don’t care what I look like, my life is over because I have kids” face. Before I had kids I was afraid of becoming one of those zombie moms. Of course now I often feel like a zombie mom, but I try not to look it. Not for the benefit of others, but mostly for the benefit of my own self. Yet also I think part of me hopes to encourage younger women from my appearance alone that it is possible to have young kids and still hold onto your sense of self. Weird? Maybe.

The fun part of being a mom is that now almost any occasion is a reason to get “dolled up.” Grocery store? Better wear my cute shoes and the purple eyeshadow. Library story time? Maybe some orange lips and shiny gold lids. Playgroup day? That’s a big one, time to go all out and even brush my hair!

I appreciate that the smaller, seemingly routine events of life are now something I can get excited about and enjoy; where before kids they were just chores (not that I went to library story time and play dates before children!). Maybe that sounds just crazy, but every chance I get to celebrate my individuality and affirm my sense of self is a chance I want to take. Even if that means at this stage in my life it’s just putting on some extra lipstick to go to Meijer.


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