a Diss to Dads

I went shopping for baby boy #2 (due around Halloween) and found this at Buybuybaby. Less than a week later I saw another version of this “Daddy-proof” onesie at Meijer. I find it terribly offensive to fathers. Why is it funny to treat Dads as imbeciles when it comes to caring for their infants?

daddy onesie

I see Dads stepping up in a way that is unheard of in previous generations. I see Dads alone at the park with their kids, at library story times, at the grocery stores, pushing strollers around the neighborhood, carrying their daughter’s Barbie backpacks at the airport. Once I saw a mohawked, tattooed dad pushing his mohawked (non-tattooed) son in a stroller. I wanted to give him a high 5. I see involved, caring Dads everywhere. My own husband is an expert swaddler who’s wrapping skills totally blow mine out of the water. And he’s the one who taught my son how to swing on the “big boy” swing. And after my son was born, he changed all the diapers as I recovered from a cesarean birth. Perpetuating the myth that Dad’s aren’t involved enough to know how to dress their own child is laughable and sad. Dads need to be celebrated and uplifted, not ridiculed or treated as a less than equal partner in the parenting equation. I mean, imagine if you saw…I don’t know…a football that was “Mom proof” with arrows for where to put your hands and how to throw it. We’d be in an uproar, right?

Would you buy this onesie? Why or why not?


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