In real life I don’t really look like your stereotypical rebel. I look mainstream, if not white bread, in my jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers covering my tattoo and piercing free body. I have a house in the ‘burbs. My husband works for The Man with a capital M. I’m a mostly SAHM. I grew up as a church kid and still am. I didn’t party or drink much in my teens or 20s. I generally respect authority. You could say my life is the alternative to the alternative.

That, or my rebellion was just delayed and came after I had a baby. I reject most Mom stereotypes. I actively don’t follow a lot of traditional American parenting norms. I refuse to give up my own life and sense of self by guiltlessly pursuing my own passions and callings. I’m a parenting/home/food/marriage advice skeptic to the highest degree and almost always play the devil’s advocate. I don’t like shopping at Target. I hate Pinterest. I don’t listen to kid’s music. I don’t know who Dr. McStuffins is since we don’t watch kid’s TV. Despite all this, my son is fiercely loved and flourishing, so I must be doing something right.

Here I hope to add a new voice to the plethora of “mommy” blogs because otherwise, what is the point of adding to the noise? I hope to combat the rampant cynicism of the internet by tapping into a deeper, more empathetic part of people’s hearts. I hope to show a different (not better or worse) form of parenting, one that does not force you to give up who you are to raise children. Bottom line, I hope to be real.  This isn’t the place to go for the latest kid-friendly recipes, picture perfect nursery shots, or general parenting advice. There is already too much of that.  This is the place to go to connect with other rebels through stories of the heart from a woman who happens to be a mom. From what I’ve heard, even grown ups like story time.



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